The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department will provide the back-end support to the NTB. The department will be vital in ensuring that the internal capacity of the NTB is built to ensure efficient utilization of the ICT resources, which are vital in enabling all the activities of the NTB.


      1. Key Work Activities of the Department


The key work activities, which this department  responsible for, facilitate and contribute to are, as follows:

  1. Manage NTB ICT services;
  2. Data management;
  3. Hardware systems and network administration;
  4. Maintain asset register for all hardware and network resources;
  5. Ensuring high levels of data and network security;
  6. Routine maintenance of user workstations, servers and network infrastructure;
  7. Ensuring provision of customer/client support;
  8. Ensuring effective user education/training;
  9. Overseeing provision of library, registry and other knowledge management systems.